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What are the benefits of Reflexology?

Deep relaxation

Improved circulation

Strengthened immunity

Boosts flow of energy around the body

Eases pain

Increases oxygen levels

Aids digestion and bowel movements

Balances hormones

Improves state of mind

Benefits of Reflexology Felixstowe

What happens during treatment?

We will take you through a full consultation, medical history and decide on a suitable bespoke treatment. Using a combination of techniques we will release tension and congestion and stimulate an energy flow throughout your body. the full reflexology treatment will be adapted to your specific requirements and areas of congestion and depletion. 

 You will only be required to remove your socks and shoes for the session and your modesty will remain intact.

How will I feel during and after treatment?

It depends on the level of congestion within your body and everyone responds differently. Some people feel no effects after treatment and others feel their feet are quite sensitive. Sensitive reflexes should ease after a few sessions as we work to release the congestion.

 You may feel that you would like to fall asleep during treatment and if you suffer from insomnia or extreme stress, this is fine. Remember feedback is vital to fine tune the treatment to your condition.

 Every foot in its structure is different and every patient is unique - hormonally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. We as effective therapists need to adapt constantly to these variations. 

 In order for the treatment to be effective, there could be an element of pain! Don't worry, as its often referred to as a `sweet pain` or a `good hurt` much like the pain you receive when being massaged. Any sensitivity in the feet should subside after a few sessions as we work on releasing the congestion within these areas.

 Don`t be alarmed if you seem to feel a little worse after the treatment. This is commonly known as the `healing crisis` and is due to your body releasing toxins. Its a good sign your body is responding well and you should drink plenty of filtered water, ideally with a squeeze of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to help flush out the toxins and support your liver.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is unique and we all heal at differing rates. A noticeable response to treatment with relief from symptoms is usually felt within 3 - 6 treatments. Reflexology has an accumulative effect and the body needs to respond. Disease or`dis-ease` of the body normally occurs over a period of time, so will take time to eradicate. We advise a monthly maintenance treatment if you have no major health conditions as this will keep the body balanced and may prevent dis-ease from taking hold. If you suffer from any health conditions then weekly treatments are recommended, ideally with two or more treatments per week in the first few weeks for more serious and chronic conditions. Some clients really enjoy how relaxed they fell after a treatment so come along at times of stress or anxiety. 

Will a Reflexologist be able to cure or heal a condition?

The simple answer is No. The body has to heal itself, however reflexology aids the body in balancing its systems so that it can function at its optimum to allow the healing to take place.

Can a Reflexologist diagnose conditions?


No we we can form an opinion of what is happening within the body. You should always consult your GP in order to obtain a comphrensive diagnosis.

Who can benefit from Reflexology?

Reflexology is safe for everyone at any age, however there are some conditions which require caution. Caution is advised in the following situations and GP approval may be required prior to treatment taking place 

Please always consult your GP in the first instance should you have any conditions which require medical attention or intervention.

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