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Foot Health 

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Foot health - Your initial consultation will last up to 60 minutes. Your medical history will be discussed and on completion, a basic vascular and neurological assessment of the foot will be conducted and followed by a routine foot health assessment. We will then discuss a bespoke treatment plan for any presenting foot conditions and with your consent move forward with the planned course of treatment...

 The cost of all paddings or dressings used in the initial treatment are included and at the end of the treatment, your feet will be moisturised with a relaxing foot massage including advice on future care. Further appointments usually last 30-45 minutes and cost £30 but it will depend upon the treatment plan discussed and agreed upon in your initial consultation.

Please ensure any nail varnish is removed prior to treatment.

We assess, treat and prevent many of the following common foot conditions for people of all ages.

Treatments available.

Diabetic Foot Care Felixstowe Suffolk
  • Diabetic foot care and advice

  • Corns and Callus (buildup of hard skin) removal

  • Nail reduction and trimming

  • Ingrown toenail

  • Fungal nail and foot treatment

  • Verrucae

  • Hard skin and cracked heels (painful feet and heels)

  • Foot health check and advice

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